Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unique Floral Designs

There is a few areas in the wedding industry that creativity will make you stand out, florists, wedding planners, photographers and videographers to name a few. Many florists are capable of large traditional and beautiful arrangements, but only the select few can interject creativity to make them unique. Being creative takes work, innovation and a lot of times logistics is a big issue. But those who make the effort to push through the problems to be unique, stand out in the crowd.

One of the floral designers that I look to for inspiration in the creativity department is Mandy Majerik from HotHouse Design Studios Mandy’s artistic designs and words of wisdom have been captured in international publications as well seen on multiple television appearances. Mandy tries to transform the traditional craft of flower arranging into a modern art form: her floral designs can be appreciated for their use of color, style and originality. Mandy likes to share her world of creativity - incorporating the unexpected and the unusual.

So when choosing your florist for your wedding, pick someone who fits your personality , whether it’s traditional or innovative and creative. Below you will find some of my favorite photos of Mandy’s work. It’s not the easiest road to take to be the innovator, but it sure does pay off. Good job Mandy!

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Mandy Majerik said...

Thank You so much for your nice, kind thoughts! I am very honored to be an inspiration for so many! Remember, always Expect the Unexpected! Be Creative, Be YOU!